"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can
break them like an artist."-Picasso


The Actor Workshops is a creative space for actors. Everyone is welcome. Actors of every level. We’ve worked very hard to ensure a safe environment where actors can feel free and open to explore and imagine. We offer 1 and 2-Day Workshops, self-tape sessions, and coaching. (Please contact us if you have an inquiry regarding renting our space.)


I grew up doing local community theatre in South Florida and went on to earn my BFA at Hofstra University. At Hofstra, we would re-construct Shakespeare’s The Globe Theatre. Our focus specialized in classical training, as well as Stanislavsky, Method and Meisner. I thought I was going to be a stage actor until I took an on-camera class in the city, I was hooked. So, after graduation, I moved to Los Angeles and began my acting career. I’ve studied with Lesly Kahn, among others and I still study with Diana Castle at The Imagined Life. You can never stop learning, growing and being inspired.

I’m fortunate to work in this industry and have worked with very talented people. And what I've learned from working with those people, and through my own work, is that the best mode of storytelling is through collaboration. I love this industry and I want to help you find your success in this business. I love helping other actors and realize that I am just as obsessed with teaching and supporting other actors as I am acting. I am an auditioning and working actor - that will never end for me. But I also want to reach out to my fellow actors to share my experience and to inspire each other.


Career Builder, Creating Your Technique, I Can Do That!, Actors for Actors. See Workshop page for more information.


Self-tape auditions seem to be in high demand. I had a love-hate relationship with this trend at first. I hated it because I couldn’t BE in the room which I considered very important. However, after booking a film from a self-tape, I realized the power one has when submitting their own audition. We can create an audition tape at a professional level and at our own pace. When you get to talking with another actor - you come up with a really wonderful and inspired tape to send. You can be proud and just ... walk away. That - I love. I want to do that everyday for you. Come in - let’s play.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. $25 extra fee applies for after hours.


If you need to go deeper or to punch up your audition, I'm here to help you do that and drive the story you're telling forward. I will need your sides ahead of time. Same day is possible, time permitting.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. $25 fee applies for after hours.


Each workshop will include a mock audition and producer session. We always discuss tests, table reads and working at every workshop. I like to cover handling nerves in all of my workshops as well. The workshops are held on weekends. Please contact us to reserve your spot. 10 actors only per class.


This 2-Day intensive workshop will prepare you for all aspects of auditioning, testing, table read, and working on set. You will get a breakdown and sides emailed to you the day before the workshop. We will go over the audition and producer session on the first day. A producer will attend and give you a review of your “session”. We will discuss the testing process. The second day, we will finish testing and go over the table read and working. If you're wondering why you're not booking, this is the workshop for you!

2 Days (Saturday and Sunday). 4 hours each day. $295


This 2 hour workshop is just for kids 7 to 12 (older kids can attend the CAREER BUILDER Workshop). We will have a fun day of covering what may be asked of them in an audition or at work: such as, reading, improvising, and direction. Parents are welcome to stay. This is a great confidence builder for the budding actor.

2 hours-$60 per class.


This is a 2-Day intensive workshop where we discuss each person’s training and introduce new techniques. We will work with the techniques the actors are comfortable with or interested in. And then we will approach auditions and working using those “techniques”. I use quotations with TECHNIQUE because there is no one way to do anything, especially acting. Use what you like. Discard what you don't. “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist” - Picasso.

2 Days (Saturday and Sunday). 4 hours each day. $295


This is a three hour workshop for actors who need to spruce up their skills for whatever reason. Not getting the feedback they want, just got off a show and are back in the auditioning world, just had a baby, etc... (I’ve experienced all of the above). We will discuss the relative world of our art - what we want to improve - what roles we want but aren’t getting - and then play with some sides.

3 hours-$100



Seats are limited. Contact us to reserve your seat now!

Each workshop is held on a weekend because we are all auditioning and working. And if you’re not - you will be!


Here's some of my work

Running Wild

On set

Wilfred Xmas Episode

Mary Steenburgen, James Remar, Elijah Wood, and Jason Gann

Great Indoors

Joel McHale


Jane Kaczmarek

Running Wild Cast

Jason Lewis, John Ducey, and Tommy Flanagan

Running Wild Set

It takes a team!


Rehearsal with Elijah Wood


Tamera Mowry-Housley


Roommates Cast

FX Press

Wilfred Premiere Press

Running Wild Poster

Homerun Movie

Homerun with Scott Elrod

Running Wild

Running Wild Premiere


While casting the pilot for WILFRED on FX, Dorian tested for the “girl next door” role. I was sure she’d get the part. Ultimately, the role went another way. When it came time to cast the role of the caustic, ball-busting sister, someone suggested we try Dorian again. She read once. And she NAILED it. We cast her immediately, and over four seasons she took what might have been a one-dimensional bitchy career woman and made her a vulnerable, desperate single mom who wills herself to be happy. Writing for her was a joy. That Dorian could be so right for both roles speaks to her versatility as an actress. That she nearly won BOTH roles proves that she knows how to audition and book the job. Working with her has been one of the great treasures of my career, and I sincerely hope this new business fails so that she will be available for my next project.
-- DAVID ZUCKERMAN -- EP (Family Guy, Wilfred)

Dorian Brown Pham is one of the funniest, most talented, and generous actresses I’ve had the pleasure of directing. She always brings a spirit of fun and play to any workplace, and elevates the script beyond where I thought it could go. I may have to sign up for classes with her myself… I think it would be great fun to study acting with such a joyous and intelligent woman!

One of the very best actors I've ever worked with. Dorian always comes prepared and brings emotional truth to every scene. She has the rare capability of being able to convey strength and vulnerability at the same time. She impressed me time and time again by bringing out heart and humor in unexpected places. To sum her up in four words: She makes you care.

Dorian is kind. She is gentle and nurturing. Her talent (which is monster sized) is only eclipsed by her decency and total class as a human being. As the lead of our film — she set the tone — which was lovely. Everyone was free to do their best work in a safe, creative environment. Oh, and she is funny too— very funny.

Dorian is true professional and brings out the most incredible performances from her clients. Dorian put me on tape for a pilot and immediately put me at ease and allowed me the freedom to play. She has a strong ability to help you embody the characters essence. Her creativity and sensitivity are unparalleled. You will look forwar to the next time you get to play with Dorian. Plus, her product gets results


A maxium of 10 actors per workshop.

Career Builder


2 Days

  • Preparation
  • Auditioning
  • $50 deposit required



2 Days

  • Your authenticity
  • Your evolution
  • $50 deposit required



per class

  • 7-12 years old
  • Auditioning
  • Acting Exercises



3 hours

  • Inspire
  • Support
  • Motivate
  • Network



per hour

  • $75 with Coaching
  • $40 half hour
  • $15 fee same day turnaround



per hour

  • One on one
  • Go deeper
  • Drive story forward
  • $25 fee for after hours

The Actor Workshops

For more information about the Workshops, Coaching, or booking a Self-Tape appointment, you can contact us at info@theactorworkshops.com